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This package is tailored for individual members who want to exercise responsible entertainment. Once you have signed up to Smart Individual you get your own designated or personal driver whenever required.


This package is tailored for family members who want to exercise responsible lifestyle. Once you have signed up to Smart Family, you, your family and two adult children holding valid driver’s licenses. Can get your own Designated or Personal driver whenever required.


SMART DAY allows you to have your own Personal Driver whenever needed. Our drivers are available for use during the day from 6am to 6pm. You can use the driver so you can get more done or just relax. The driver is available to:

This service is available to members and non members alike



Smart Fellas offers event solutions that allow guests to get to and from your cocktail, product launch /activation, wedding, birthdays or other events safely.

These solutions include:

Relax! Plan (standing charge per driver of Kshs 1,250.00 + mileage OR smart Host membership + Mileage). We provide designated drivers on-location who will drive your guests and their vehicles home. You can choose:

Designated Driver (Own Membership + Mileage Charge)
Event guests can reserve a driver ahead of time who will come to the requested pickup location - drive them and their associates in the comfort of their own car - take them to the event - wait for them - and take them back when ready.


Rates available on request
Responsible Corporates ensure that their staff are always safe, responsible and can uphold corporate values.

This is made for the corporate whose key employees job requirements require that they are constantly on the road to network, socialise and indulge with potential and existing customers.

We provide personal or designated drivers who will drive your employees and their vehicles home. You can choose:


Smart Fellas offers affordable transportation to and from the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Imagine just how much more you can get done while on the road.

Smart Fellas Personal driver is your hassle free solution!

How it works:
Your Personal driver will come to your location and take you to the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle. The driver will then return your vehicle to your original location and leave the keys wherever or with whomever you request. When you return from your trip, the Smart Fellas Personal driver will be at the airport in your car awaiting your arrival.


Drivers are our business. SmartFellas will provide you with trained and qualified drivers. We take away the headache of managing the drivers so that your company can concentrate on its core business.